Review: Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) by Patricia Briggs

Moon Called (Mercedes Thompson, #1)Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The kick ass Mercy with her little lamb... oh, little lamb. LOL!

I'm so happy that the cover artist is the same guy that design for the White Trash Zombie series. The little dog paw is so, forgive me werewolves... CUTE!

The structure is the ol' same Urban Fantasy-esque 'backbone' and the Bad Guys Club is also have the general badassery. But Mercy, as a character is my most favourable kind of girl. she's not too whiny and not too feminazi either.

The men here, damn, i wish i can swap my life for Mercy's.

you know, i might actually swap my christian cross for a sheep necklace.. as THAT SCENE is soo my favourite scene of urban fantasy novel of ALL time :')

Mercy's response...

I was thinking.. since i have 5 more weeks of summer holiday,  i might MIGHT challenge myself to finish the Anita Blake Series... i read the first 4 books, but didn't have a chance to finish the others.. hmm, quite a good challenge actually. What do you think?

Review: Hidden Paradise by Janet Mullany

Hidden ParadiseHidden Paradise by Janet Mullany

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

It was hot while it lasted, like a sexapades of a woman in their holidays. There was no 'friendlish' connection other than the lust and sex, but hey! it's erotica~ so i let it pass.

I guess there is a hint of fire beneath the text. Lit specifically for those widows and broken-hearted girls. There's plenty more fish in the sea, and surely pleasure is a girl's second best friend.

If you secretly (or even publicly) known for your Mr.Darcy Syndrome. Well, you might like to have a taste of this book.

ARC provided by Harlequin via NetGalley

Review: Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendara Blake

Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1)Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Anna dressed in blood is safely tucked as my all-time-favourite-fabulous-DAHling!-bookshelf which very few books have the same 'clique' i should say. (with tiaras, feather boas, Chippendale hunkies, and all that jazz included)

I L.O.V.E. everything about the book! Cover, Characters, even the villain... (his dreadlocks, ooh~ not many villains have dreadlocks, especially in horror.) Don't you agree?

when i was 6 years old, me and my brother began a ritual to watch horror movies Friday nights, which was quite thrilling as at the end of the midnight when we try to sleep, it's always my brother whom ended up batshit scared.. while i slept peacefully. And he was in high school. So i come prepared for this horror romance book.

Kendare's writing of Cas's POV is quite refreshing in YA Paranormal Romance, i love the prose and most importantly the scenes are easily visualised and bring-to-life which make the experience reading Anna very exiting. I cannot put the book down once i started i was THAT hooked!

Oh by the way, Anna~ i have a confession...

big lesbian crush on you!

Looking forward for Girl of Nightmares!

My top 5 booklist of Rock 'n' Roll Romance

Who in the world, never have a wonder or want to experience a date / a relationship/ or even as far as marrying a rockstar?
The world of party hard, devil-may-care swag, and basically aggressive lifestyle, everyone would like a taste of rock 'n' rolling right? I know certainly i would. Fiction - wise would be easier for the fall than being a rock groupie.

So here it is, my list of #RockDiva or Gods, whichever you prefer ~ i hope you'll fall in fiction-love with the guys too *winks*

  • Lynne Connolly - Pure Wildfire series
The boys will rock you from their bittersweet lullabies to the rock'n'rolling hot menages! Only the right women could tame them from their beautiful songs and ofcourse their oh so secretive form #shh!

It's not only about their hot body. It's self-identity, friendship, love, sex and ofcourse Rock 'n' Rollin !
Hotness: JalapeƱo Hot!

  • Katie McCalister - It's All Greek To Me
although the rockin' is not the main focus, the sizzles of attraction is between Hero and Heroine beats all the aggressive beats of the drums or the sweet solo of electric guitar. ooh, and the Hero's *ehem* figure is pleasing for the sore eye *winks* .
Hotness: Mild

  • Olivia Cunning - Sinners On Tour
These bad boys are the definition of the dreamy fiction rock-stars! They're talented musician, a great friend, and above all...VERY hot lover(s). What more could a girl want? The intimate scene perhaps a 'tad' bit too much for some, and can be very creamy cheesy (orchestra while having the O Hail Great Orgams? i can only wish...)
Hotness: Core-of-the-Sun Hot
  • That's Rock and Roll
  • Cherrie Lynn - Rock Me (Ross Siblings #2)

Try one, you won't be dissapointed~ *winks*

Review: Tempest by Julie Cross

Tempest (Tempest, #1)Tempest by Julie Cross

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

so, when Jackson time travels. Nothing changes in his present time


First of all, it's only make sense that if a person did something, it triggers different result of future if that person did another action. it's the rule of probabilities, basic logic.

It's strange to read that Jackson's time-travels doesn't change the future.He could change the possibility of his girlfriend - Holly's death, rather than going back to 2007. Make life easier, don't 'cha think?... if the time travel thinggy sorted out~

The overall theme of the book would be better if it's not viewed with too much 'rose tinted light', aka romantic side of the characters. Yes romance is cute and blablabla, but i believe that this book would attract more audience if the adventure kick-ass side overpower the romance side. Jackson would be less douchebag 'oh-yeah-i'm-the-sex-god-ladies-can't-resist-me', dude, you're only 19... no episode of Geordie Shore please! . To be honest, i don't like the guy AT ALL . He is potrayed as Mr. Perfect with lotta money, multilingual, 'hot body' no girls can't resist, and 'oh i'm such a bad boy, i like having sex with proper airhead easy girls'. Even the 13 years old me back in the past WON'T worship this guy. Instead,i would remove his jewels if he is anywhere near me.

There's so much i could say and whine about, but i have no effort to pronounce my disappointment towards something that could potentially be a great YA book *sigh*


Review: Embrace The Dark by Caris Roane

Embrace the Dark (The Blood Rose Series, #1)Embrace the Dark by Caris Roane

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Cover reaction:
Hell yeah!


When i saw the blurb of this book, i found the theme very interesting, Vampire Kingdom meets Rapunzel sort of style. which is why i chose this book. It's quite quirky. And the hot body of the cover guy doesn't hurt.

However, the interest of being quirky and original sometimes ended to disaster. As i don't like the characters, and how it's all warrior and princess dresses yet you have advance technology as well. OTT, it's like the film of modernized Hamlet. Less is sometimes better.

I would say, the book have great potential if some changes made. And i'm looking forward for the next book

Copy provided by Spencerhill Associate via NetGalley

Review: Heiress without a cause by Sara Ramsey

Heiress Without a Cause (Muses of Mayfair, #1)Heiress Without a Cause by Sara Ramsey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The girls born in the wrong era!

I wish Muses of Mayfair are my best friends. They are fun, and confident girls (with the time setting where girls suppose to be meek and softies) and of course they're kick-asses.

Somehow, they reminded me of the Bronte sisters, with the pseudonym and the confidence to speak out their talent in the era of 'Men's world'

If this is Ramsey's debut novel, i predict success on her future novels. Her story, to me, is vivid and quite realistic page-turner. which is great for me to 'living up' the historical settings.

The attraction between Lady Madeline and Ferguson have been felt from their first sight. I love both of the main characters, which is not often, and their ideals written in 3rd person is great for the readers to connect to them. I found them so adorable to sneak to their own house, it's so adolescence!

Big respect for Ferguson to confess his attraction first. Historical hero tend to be more introvert about their affection, it's refreshing to see a quirky hero. i love quirky.

If you love romance, friendship, feel good, with a dash of historical; Sara Ramsey is the author for you.

Tyra Approves

Copy supplied by Spencerhill Associate via NetGalley.

Sara Ramsey writes fun, feisty Regency historical romances. She won the prestigious 2009 Romance Writers of America ® Golden Heart® award with her first book, Scotsmen Prefer Blondes (formerly titled An Inconvenient Marriage). The prequel, Heiress Without A Cause (formerly titled One Night to Scandal), was a 2011 Golden Heart finalist.

Sara grew up in a small town in Iowa, and her obsession with fashion, shoes, and all things British is clearly a rebellion against her hopelessly uncool youth. She graduated from Stanford University in 2003 with a degree in Symbolic Systems (also known as cognitive science) and a minor in history. Sara subsequently worked at Google for seven years in a variety of sales, management, and communications roles. She left Google in 2010 to pursue her writing career full time. Read all about her Regency obsessions and upcoming works at

Review: Night World series by L.J.Smith

The Night World series consist of 9 books about vampires and shape shifter. Who live in secretly among humans. There are two 'Golden Rules' to abide:

  1. Never tell about the Night World
  2. Never fall in love with human
These are the stories when you know, these rules are meant to be broken...


Book 1 - Secret Vampire
Book 2 - Daughters of Darkness
Book 3 - Spellbinder
Book 4 - Dark Angel
Book 5 - The Chosen
Book 6 - Soulmate

Book 7 - Huntress
Book 8 - Black Dawn
Book 9 - Witchlight

My reaction?

Night World, No. 1: (Night World, #1-3) Night World, No. 2 (Night World, #4-6) Night World, No. 3 (Night World, #7-9)

L.J.Smith is one of favourite author of mine, when i was younger. Her stories are magical with super sugarcoats, and fluffy bunnies. Where the heroine have their ever perfect loverboy, and their BFFs.
It's a cute stories, on how they can get their loverboy in just a first sight. 
I'm looking forward for the ultimate ending, who survive? who die sacrificing themself for saving the world?

p.s. I'm team Ash from first Sight!

REMEMBER! Victoria Scott's giveaway ends tomorrow~

Novel forecast: Young Adult Paranormal

Okay, maybe less scary image and more sexier. But anyway, every week, i'll do a novel forecast, where i, yes moi do a prediction (ok, maybe more like a popular demand) of the fiction consumer.

For the first debut, i'll tell you the Young Adult Paranormal is on high demand this summer. Like REAL demand. i  mean, Adventure rank 1st on the most favourite film to watch by public, so there's really no reason why not to 'step up' the adventure with kick-ass paranormal characters fighting-off the evil villain to save the world. GO HEROES!

I would say, the characters in YA Paranormal are hard *RihannasongHard,onthebackground* like tough hard, not wimpy. And who don't love a kick-ass? and, no, NOT the kick-ass from the film. That one is, uh, 10000x sugar-coated with unicorns and rainbows. Think of YA Paranormal with a dash of James Bond and Mission Impossible. Yeah, that is the definition of H.A.R.D. (and delish guys i could say *winks*)

Tempted yet? Try these tittles:

  • Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
  • Jaz Parks by Jennifer Radin
  • Blood Ties by Jennifer Armintrout
  • Anita Blake (first 5 books) by Lauren K. Hamilton
  • Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill 
Now i'm still reading the Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. Saw the quotes on GoodRead,  the characters have funny conversation there, and so far so good. I like it.

Do you like kick-ass YA Paranormal?
If so, what's your favourite book?

There, there, lemme give you a cuddle-bear~

Baby, it's not what you think! ... He's a man!

5 Must-have of Cheesy films

Have you ever seen films that make you cringe, yet super funny and made your day?
where the characters, oh poor little creatures, they got the bad lucks of  the world. Fashion faux pas of Grandma's knitted Christmas jumper, oh! don't forget the infamous chicken dance!

Yet, even with all the cringes and cheezy-ness, it gives you a big face-splitting grin and brightens your day.
I LOVE that type of films, i have a collections to watch when i feel down, or just when i need a dose of 'rainbows and glitters'.

So now, i'll share with you, my top 5 guilty pleasure films of Cheesy Kingdom. Surely, there's no guilt in pleasure, eh? ;D

  • White Chicks (O.M.G. the FBI guys are too hilarious, they are my secret BFFs)

  • Mr.Beans on holiday (Oysters accident, and the cross-dressing lip-syncing? enough said :D )

  • Bridget Jones Diary (Darcy with his jumpers? damn, that's the new definition of infamous)
  • Mean Girls (A high school classic! Regina George with her burn book. Burn beeyatch burn!!)

  • St. Trinians ( Those dolls ROCK!)

There, you have it! my Cheese Kingdom films.I recommend you to try it, it'll bring you a brighter day!
 What's yours? What do you think of these films?

Books i'm trying to read

Are you a monogamous or a polygamous reader?
             i'm more of a polygamous reader, so i read a few books at once, the beauty of it is that you have a skill of multitasking #AProudChick. But the bad thing is, it take you longer to read books #BOO!

Right now, i'm reading:

  • Heiress without a cause by Sara Ramsey

So far so good, the main characters are likeable and i like how the Hero, Ferguson have such a controversial 'badge' that sticks on his forehead status that's feared by the society. His entrance was cool, like
 and now i'm up to when Ferguson watch Madam Guerrier's Hamlet's performance

  • 50 shades of Grey by E.L. James

When i was younger, i was an obsessed Twi-hard, not any-more now. As i calm down over thinking glittery vampires are in hot vampires category. I was quite unsure whether to read this trilogy or not, but being the curious gal that i am, i start reading this.
The book have quite the same skeleton as Twilight, with the flush heroine does, her being clumsy, basically there's many similarities. But what makes this a slow read to me is the characters is kind of 2D, and every time i read this, i always feel like i'm reading a middle age woman's wet fantasy with a suit-fetish. which makes me feel like

and now i'm up to where the Heroine said "Holy F**k i can't even consider a food list" after she read the contract. Speaking of which, i like how Christian says (Spoiler)"I don't make love, i fuck... hard"

  • Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

just seen the cover *hehehe*

In the spotlight: Victoria Scott

Our Guest today: Victoria Scott

Why we love her: If you are a Young Adult avid reader, you would know who Victoria Scott is. she have the most looked forward book, called The Collector which will be released in March 2013.

A taste of the book:
by Victoria Scott

YA Paranormal Romance
Entangled Teen, March 2013 

Description:Dante Walker is flippin’ awesome, and he knows it. His good looks, killer charm, and stellar confidence has made him one of hell’s best—a soul collector. His job is simple, weed through humanity and label those round rears with a big redgood or bad stamp. Old Saint Nick gets the good guys, and he gets the fun ones. Bag-and-tag.
Sealing souls is nothing personal. Dante’s an equal opportunity collector and doesn’t want it any other way. But he’ll have to adjust, because Boss Man has given him a new assignment:
Collect Charlie Cooper’s soul within 10 days.
Dante doesn’t know why Boss Man wants Charlie, nor does he care. This assignment means only one thing to him, and that’s a permanent ticket out of hell. But after Dante meets the quirky, Nerd Alert chick he’s come to collect—he realizes this assignment will test his abilities as a collector, and uncover emotions deeply buried.

GoodRead link : The Collector
Dante Walker's website: Website

My thoughts: The bad-ass factor of Dante is just... off the charts! Who could resist a charming bad boy? i know i can't~

Giveaway: Victoria Scott is kindly giving away a SIGNED bookmark of The Collector! The  chosen  winner will be announced on Thursday June 28th at 12 am EST (or 5pm GMT).


Victoria Scott - Bio

                   Victoria Scott is a YA writer represented by Laurie McLean of Larsen-Pomada literary agency. She has a master’s degree in marketing, and is a member of Teen Shiver. Her debut book will be THE COLLECTOR: A DANTE WALKER NOVEL (Entangled Teen, March 2013). And her short story, FOUR HOUSES, is available now. Victoria currently lives in Dallas with her husband. When not writing, she can be found scouting cotton candy and snuggling obese cats.
You can cyber-stalk Victoria on her website, or learn more about THE COLLECTOR: A DANTE WALKER NOVEL here.

  •  When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
    • It actually came slowly for me. Many writers I know decide they want to be an author when theyre very young. For me, the desire didnt come until I was in my late twenties. I was a working corporate job and got laid off, and during that time I asked myself, “What do I really want to do? It took some time to put the pieces together, but once I did, there was no denying it.

  •     3 things readers didn't know about Victoria Scott...
    • I dont drink coffee (I know, Im a writer. Its blasphemous)
    • If music isnt loud and angry, I want no part of it
    • Im deathly afraid of monkeys

  •    What's the inspiration for The Collector?
    • I wanted to do a retelling of the selling your soul to the devil story. And once Dante showed up in my brain, I didnt need much more inspiration. ;)
  •  What's the hardest part about writing the novel?
    • Working through the problems, and dealing with self-doubt. Both are crippling, but you have to find a way to push through them. For me, it may be emailing my critique partner, or talking it out with my husband (who mostly just nods and stares blankly at the wall).
  •    Who is your writer crush?
    • She knows who she is. *Waves at Veronica Rossi* Oh, I have a new, blooming crush on Leigh Bardugo. Maybe the three of us can Jello wrestle or something. You did say, crush” right?
  •   Hehe, yes i did :D. Tell me 5 pieces of advice you would tell the teen you?
    • Eat the cookie. Its not that big of a deal.
    • Appreciate your boyfriend. Hes teaching you what not to look for in a husband.
    • Those cargo army pants are awesome. Always will be.
    • Prom is cool. Youll realize this later.
    • Teachers are cool. Youll realize this later. 
  •    What can your fans expect from you next?
    • Next up will be the sequel to THE COLLECTOR, and assuming things stay on plan, will release Fall 2013.
Thank you Victoria! xx E

To win a signed bookmark of The Collector, here's the form:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

spread the love using this link : THE MORE, THE MERRIER!

Good Luck, Sunshines!

My Prerogative by Sasha White

My PrerogativeMy Prerogative by Sasha White

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kelsey is like the wild girl who have slower psychological pace timing than her age pace time. She's trapped in her wild partying age, where she should learn to accept to be less wild as she grow more older.

The great thing about her is that she knows her sensuality and she play it right. I mean, the solo sex at the balcony then holding her phone number? there's the probability she going to get the calls from the entire flats across hers, but she still do it anyway. That is brave, and sexy!

the Hero is a great balance for her, he is more introvert, a complete contrast to what Kelsey is. But this oh-so-mysterious introvert lay a great passion and understanding for Kelsey to hold on to, when she's in doubt.

Will Kelsey hang on to her Wild Party lifestyle, or will she tone it down?
Will the hero have his Muse by the end of the story?

Only one way to find out...

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The Bikini Diaries by Lacey Alexander

The Bikini DiariesThe Bikini Diaries by Lacey Alexander

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hands up if you ever have makeover before a summer holiday to an exotic place? oh, there's a lot of you there :D

the great thing about this story is that you could relate to the main character some way or the other, and the hero is not bad in the eyes either, what more could the girl ask for?

heroine is send by her company to review a resort they would possibly sponsoring. While there, she have a little inspiration from the beach which make her to a more vamped character.

Little does she know what the hero hide behind his easy going chill-out character.

Does the hero get his much needed sponsorship form her?
does this Vamped up heroine stays with the heart after the big surprise or does she close herself with work?

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My top 3 Sport Romance List:

Hello readers!

         It's been a great weather this week, which is quite surprising since it's been quite cloudy several weeks ago. With summer comes along, in UK it's also the countdown to the  London Olympics, which is cool as the torch is going to Manchester quite soon! And there's the fact that it's Euro football 2012 this week.
         So i decided, why not i make a list of my top Sport Romance novels?
The sweats of hard day at the field, sizzling hot body sexy as sin, *dreamysigh* Here's the list..

  • Play by Play series by Jaci Burton

         Those Boys are just hot with capital H and double Ts! i mean their family gene pool would probably be needeed by scientist, they're all superstars and all, whoow~ #FutureIVFAlert! They're fielding in different sports which is great, imagine the commentators saying " So Riley the quarterback passed the ball to his partner, oh, another Riley. To tell you the truth, there are about 4 Rileys in this team." That would be confusing, eh??
         The Heroes of this series are like Prince Charming mix with the three four musketeers, in search of love with a down-to-earth Cinderella girl. Yes, even Liz can be charming.
            This Sport Romance is for those who need for speed (In innuendos and business, decide). The series reveal a group of friends involve in the Fast Track of Formula 1 linked by drama, comedies, and love.

  1. Bad Boys of Football by Bella Andre: GoodRead link
               Hot boys in search of their Cinderella, with a lot of drama, hot hot sex, and a good old competitive sport!

The perfect play by Jaci Burton

The Perfect Play (Play by Play, #1)The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


well, if the book cover is THIS hot? who couldn't??

Damn, this book is a keeper!
Mick is a cute guy, with all the romantic 'Prince Charming' characteristic, looking for the One. And Tara is the down-to-earth Cinderella who is perfect for Mick.

the chemistry the have around each other? well, let just say i'll get suffocated from all the lust in the air.

will Mick ditch his glamorous lady killer lifestyle to stay with Tara? will Tara and her son welcome a new sexy as sin family member?
and more importantly, will their love conquers all?

Jacie Burton writes a great story in this, one thing i don't like is how Liz portrayed, as she sounded so extreme... Overall, i like it! and off course there's the book cover Appreciation~ *dreamysigh*

More in the Play by Play series: GoodRead Link

  1. The perfect Play (  February 1st 2011 by Berkley Heat )
  2. Changing the Game (  August 2nd 2011 by Berkley Heat )
  3. Taking a Shot ( March 6th 2012 by Berkley Heat )
  4. Playing to Win (  September 4th 2012 by Penguin Group )
  5. Thrown by a Curve ( expected at March 2013 )

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Seven Night of Sin by Lacey Alexander

Seven Nights of SinSeven Nights of Sin by Lacey Alexander

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Tittle totally suits the story, it's unreal.

before you read this book, you should have a tall glass to drink, your BOB or your partner, and later on a very long cold shower. seriously THAT good and smoking hot!

i have this thesis, that character who name is Damon have the sexy as sin characteristics, what do you think?

Heroine is your ordinary colleague at work and the boss decided that she should go chase after her out-of-league crush to take over his job. Crazy right?

well, she undertook a makeover, and it was a cute scene to read actually. he did a double take on her *aww*

Damon is a hottie bad boy with a good aim of life, with an ideal of his job as his passion, which is why he's a notorious figure.

Damon is good for Heroine, as he guide her to the wild side and experience more of life. Damon need her too, she is the second voice to make his career booming.

Does that mean Damon never know about her hidden intention at Vegas?
Will Heroine let go of her emotion to Damon and focus on her career takeover?

you can only know if you read this book.

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Sunshine's journey to Edinburgh

Ever wonder if you could relive your Highlander fantasy?
Where (rugged.. and chisseled off course ) men in skirt kilt does the manhandle, fight to bloodied just to save you. Keep you at his grand castle, protect you from the evil villain?
well, 2 whole weeks ago, since Monday, me and family were in the adventure to find out.

The Castle. Not the Highlander.


Venue #1 

  • Edinburgh Castle & Royal Botanical Garden

              Edinburgh castle was great! its build at a tall hill so we practically did power stairs up and down from it. But it was worth it, the view are fantabulous! The castle was off course grand and very artistic, yet quite military compare to the other castle i've seen on this trip.
    I actually visions  LOTS of scene that i could use for stories, hopefully i could * finger crossed*. Guilty as charged, that featured ehm, very sexy Scots -off course *winks*
    Royal Botanical Garden, is my favourite. It's a great place to walk, meditate, and basically escapade.

The imagination in my head:

The hunky guys of McCabe clan just pop-up immediately in my mind from the first sight of the castle. Oo-oh, don't blame me, i'm innocent *evil laughs*, I could vision the Big Bad Ewan, running across the field with the *coughs* bed sheets; The 'angel or devil' Keeley healing poor Alaric; The Kick-ass Riona training sword with Sexy Caeleen. In a nutshell, they make cavemen style sounds hot. Won't believe it? I recommend you to read the series, i guarantee 'Thou Shall Swoon'.

A contemporary Scot fantasy novel, compact with comedy. Ian is just *dreamysigh* brawly hot! i mean, i loathe turtleneck top, yet when i vision when Ian meet Kathie in that outfit that he wears? #HotstuffAllert.
The scene when Ian (*Spoiler* propose to Kathie), The hill version of Royal Botanica Garden would be perfect!

p.s. wouldn't you agree that Stirling Castle would be perfect for their wedding? 
the view would be breath taking in sunset!

O-okay, Moving on from all the hotness *dreamysigh*. More review shall be posted soon!

What do you think of the Scot Romance Heroes?AYE or  NAY?

Review Premiere: The Host by Stephenie Meyer

        Since I’ve been rambling about The Host in my ‘About’ page, I'd say it would be a good idea to write my first review of it. Oh, and did you hear that they going to make a movie out of it? It’s so cool! I’m looking forward to see what Wanda in movie version look like, cause in my head, everything goes exaggerated waaayy to much. (and of course, the guy get way hotter ;D )

The Host - Stephenie Meyer

 Amazon link of The Host 
Series: -
Author's site
Stephenie Meyer 
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Sensuality Rating: Plain Vanilla
Source: Library
Published: July 2009

First sight:
So, when I was younger, I was still obsessed about the Twilight thing. Yep,  even I can’t believe it either, I mean, how could I had a crush on Edward ‘glitter’ Cullen, when clearly we all know that he have an affair with Ke$ha (ooh, Bella you have your boy to watch out).
I searched on my local library, of what other Stephenie Meyer things I could find, I was bedazzled by her. And, voila! That’s how I fell my first sight on The Host ( how, cheesy)

First Reaction:
I was younger remember, I was like the innocent red riding hood in the middle of forest, or the new crisp white shirt before you had a Saturday night party or something. So novels like “the New York Times best-selling” were like THE BOMB for me, and I was captivated by novels that have that kind of label on their cover. I mean, as long as it’s Tiffany’s or Loubutins, people would think that it’s the super-hot designs right now, right? Hands up if you agree. Exactly what I thought.
Anyway, this book was quite complicated for  me (then) to read, [ok – I confess I was reading a young adult/ adult books where ‘complicated vocabs’ were thrown in the book every corners of the scenes, I was, and probably still is a daredevil (lol)] but I would gladly admit I finished this book in a week.

5 days longer than I read The Twilight saga.]

I would admit Stephenie Meyer have a habit of having the first 3 chapters as vanilla as any author could be. It happens in Twillight AND in The Host, that what’s I think anyway. But that’s the quirk of her, a diehard reader wouldn’t  gave up when one’s think the first 3 chapter is vanilla, and I’m glad I didn’t stop.

First Read:
So, 'The Situation' in The Host, Souls are THE BOMB it's an alien race and they are invading the world. It set in somewhere Southern States. And Melanie a 21 years old 'wild human' was invaded by who-she-called Wanda, Wanderer to be exact. 

The reason the Souls are The BOMB, are that they make the world perfect, curing cancer, wars, and all of those imperfections. But the 'wild humans' embraced those imperfections and want it back to what it is before the Souls. But the Million dollars fact is that.... they are only few and live in a cave, literally 

This fight between The Souls and Wild Humans, are down and dirty. Back-stabs and sacrifices; Romantic affairs and hatred. All blend in in a surreal world of science fiction, i would admit it doesn't feel like you are reading a science fiction with the characters feels so normal, even Wanda.

Spoiler:    (to see it, you need to block / highlight the white space below)
  • ·         If you’re the happily-ever-after kind of reader, then you won’t be disappointed.
  • ·         If you’re the major cliff-hangers addicts, you’ll get your dose too (which i am, but Stephenie, I’m waiting for the next instalment)
  • ·         if you find the brooding and emotional hero hot, then you’re reading the right book.
  • ·         If you can bear a kick-ass girl turning into mushy potatoes heroine, you’re reading the right book too!
  • The characters talk a hell lot, and i would say Meyer could diet this book to only half of the book, as those major themes are kick asses! 

Things I love:
  Melanie is not a depressed kid who is clingy to her boyfriend, which is a good thing as i had enough Bella in this world to be in a down mood She's a kick ass character which i like about, she fought harder everyday to survive the harshness of the world, and even when Wanda in her brain. She's down to earth (pardon the pun) and not self obsessed.

People think when reading Sci-Fi, you need to know the 'hood lingo' to understand, and it's a serious heavy themes. Guess what? Ain't Nobody going to think that for the The Host. It's a light hearted Sci-Fi, close enough to Contemporary if you do the 'Shrimp Effect' (take all the Sci-Fi factor out off the book)

Oh, in case you're wondering, I'm Team Ian O'Shea! i've like him since the first sight (hehe).

My favourite scene is when, Kyle and Wanda/Melanie have this *problem* you'll know when you read it :D

Things I Hate:
There's a SuperMassiveScene which involve a Doctor, a Wanda/Melanie, and 2 loverboys, which i found annoying. I mean just get on with it! (oh, Gosh that sound so...groupie :P kekeke). Take the risk and stop whining like 2 puppieboys, they suppose to be the lead heroes not wusses. Hot damn boys! hot damn.
However, the end result does ended up a satisfactory to me, so for all the loverboys whine tragedy, i don't hold grudge over it.

My thought of it:
I must applaud Meyer for her creativity in this book, from the research (habit die hard) she took an inspiration of reality (Physical image issues, the ideals of perfections and public acceptance - where do you belong and what is the perfect image? and what if the world is full of perfect people?) and twisted it into a surreal world of Sci-Fi. It's like a literature version of Salvador Dali's surreal paintings, creating fantasy from reality, as the brutal of reality can be too harsh to accept and the fantasy is as Gwen Stefanni said, a 'Sweet Escape'.

The Host can be thought as a smoke and  mirrors, there's something deep hidden behind the cover. Yes, it can be seen about post-apocalypse world with a girl fighting for her sanity. Yet when you thought, and see behind the curtains there is the truth of reality problems. Would you be Melanie - fighting for her rights and sanity, or would you be the rest of The Soul/people - blended with the crowd to feel accepted?

I for myself, would recommend this book to every High School teens out there! scratch that this book rated as an Adult, this book when analysed carefully can teach young people of Self-Identity, Individuality, and Respect. That perfections is an illusion of idealism, like the gold pot of the other end of a rainbow.

And yes, it is by far Meyer's best creation.

Candy Rate: 

Just Right.

The message behind the curtain is great, the heroes physique (in fantasy) are hot. But i would say skimmed the book more, and give more vicious punch to it to make it more POW-WOW.

For me, it's not my beach read, but certainly a book i'd read for a spare time in a rainy day of England.

What do you think of The Host?