Review Premiere: The Host by Stephenie Meyer

        Since I’ve been rambling about The Host in my ‘About’ page, I'd say it would be a good idea to write my first review of it. Oh, and did you hear that they going to make a movie out of it? It’s so cool! I’m looking forward to see what Wanda in movie version look like, cause in my head, everything goes exaggerated waaayy to much. (and of course, the guy get way hotter ;D )

The Host - Stephenie Meyer

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Stephenie Meyer 
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Sensuality Rating: Plain Vanilla
Source: Library
Published: July 2009

First sight:
So, when I was younger, I was still obsessed about the Twilight thing. Yep,  even I can’t believe it either, I mean, how could I had a crush on Edward ‘glitter’ Cullen, when clearly we all know that he have an affair with Ke$ha (ooh, Bella you have your boy to watch out).
I searched on my local library, of what other Stephenie Meyer things I could find, I was bedazzled by her. And, voila! That’s how I fell my first sight on The Host ( how, cheesy)

First Reaction:
I was younger remember, I was like the innocent red riding hood in the middle of forest, or the new crisp white shirt before you had a Saturday night party or something. So novels like “the New York Times best-selling” were like THE BOMB for me, and I was captivated by novels that have that kind of label on their cover. I mean, as long as it’s Tiffany’s or Loubutins, people would think that it’s the super-hot designs right now, right? Hands up if you agree. Exactly what I thought.
Anyway, this book was quite complicated for  me (then) to read, [ok – I confess I was reading a young adult/ adult books where ‘complicated vocabs’ were thrown in the book every corners of the scenes, I was, and probably still is a daredevil (lol)] but I would gladly admit I finished this book in a week.

5 days longer than I read The Twilight saga.]

I would admit Stephenie Meyer have a habit of having the first 3 chapters as vanilla as any author could be. It happens in Twillight AND in The Host, that what’s I think anyway. But that’s the quirk of her, a diehard reader wouldn’t  gave up when one’s think the first 3 chapter is vanilla, and I’m glad I didn’t stop.

First Read:
So, 'The Situation' in The Host, Souls are THE BOMB it's an alien race and they are invading the world. It set in somewhere Southern States. And Melanie a 21 years old 'wild human' was invaded by who-she-called Wanda, Wanderer to be exact. 

The reason the Souls are The BOMB, are that they make the world perfect, curing cancer, wars, and all of those imperfections. But the 'wild humans' embraced those imperfections and want it back to what it is before the Souls. But the Million dollars fact is that.... they are only few and live in a cave, literally 

This fight between The Souls and Wild Humans, are down and dirty. Back-stabs and sacrifices; Romantic affairs and hatred. All blend in in a surreal world of science fiction, i would admit it doesn't feel like you are reading a science fiction with the characters feels so normal, even Wanda.

Spoiler:    (to see it, you need to block / highlight the white space below)
  • ·         If you’re the happily-ever-after kind of reader, then you won’t be disappointed.
  • ·         If you’re the major cliff-hangers addicts, you’ll get your dose too (which i am, but Stephenie, I’m waiting for the next instalment)
  • ·         if you find the brooding and emotional hero hot, then you’re reading the right book.
  • ·         If you can bear a kick-ass girl turning into mushy potatoes heroine, you’re reading the right book too!
  • The characters talk a hell lot, and i would say Meyer could diet this book to only half of the book, as those major themes are kick asses! 

Things I love:
  Melanie is not a depressed kid who is clingy to her boyfriend, which is a good thing as i had enough Bella in this world to be in a down mood She's a kick ass character which i like about, she fought harder everyday to survive the harshness of the world, and even when Wanda in her brain. She's down to earth (pardon the pun) and not self obsessed.

People think when reading Sci-Fi, you need to know the 'hood lingo' to understand, and it's a serious heavy themes. Guess what? Ain't Nobody going to think that for the The Host. It's a light hearted Sci-Fi, close enough to Contemporary if you do the 'Shrimp Effect' (take all the Sci-Fi factor out off the book)

Oh, in case you're wondering, I'm Team Ian O'Shea! i've like him since the first sight (hehe).

My favourite scene is when, Kyle and Wanda/Melanie have this *problem* you'll know when you read it :D

Things I Hate:
There's a SuperMassiveScene which involve a Doctor, a Wanda/Melanie, and 2 loverboys, which i found annoying. I mean just get on with it! (oh, Gosh that sound so...groupie :P kekeke). Take the risk and stop whining like 2 puppieboys, they suppose to be the lead heroes not wusses. Hot damn boys! hot damn.
However, the end result does ended up a satisfactory to me, so for all the loverboys whine tragedy, i don't hold grudge over it.

My thought of it:
I must applaud Meyer for her creativity in this book, from the research (habit die hard) she took an inspiration of reality (Physical image issues, the ideals of perfections and public acceptance - where do you belong and what is the perfect image? and what if the world is full of perfect people?) and twisted it into a surreal world of Sci-Fi. It's like a literature version of Salvador Dali's surreal paintings, creating fantasy from reality, as the brutal of reality can be too harsh to accept and the fantasy is as Gwen Stefanni said, a 'Sweet Escape'.

The Host can be thought as a smoke and  mirrors, there's something deep hidden behind the cover. Yes, it can be seen about post-apocalypse world with a girl fighting for her sanity. Yet when you thought, and see behind the curtains there is the truth of reality problems. Would you be Melanie - fighting for her rights and sanity, or would you be the rest of The Soul/people - blended with the crowd to feel accepted?

I for myself, would recommend this book to every High School teens out there! scratch that this book rated as an Adult, this book when analysed carefully can teach young people of Self-Identity, Individuality, and Respect. That perfections is an illusion of idealism, like the gold pot of the other end of a rainbow.

And yes, it is by far Meyer's best creation.

Candy Rate: 

Just Right.

The message behind the curtain is great, the heroes physique (in fantasy) are hot. But i would say skimmed the book more, and give more vicious punch to it to make it more POW-WOW.

For me, it's not my beach read, but certainly a book i'd read for a spare time in a rainy day of England.

What do you think of The Host?


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