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5 Must-have of Cheesy films

Have you ever seen films that make you cringe, yet super funny and made your day?
where the characters, oh poor little creatures, they got the bad lucks of  the world. Fashion faux pas of Grandma's knitted Christmas jumper, oh! don't forget the infamous chicken dance!

Yet, even with all the cringes and cheezy-ness, it gives you a big face-splitting grin and brightens your day.
I LOVE that type of films, i have a collections to watch when i feel down, or just when i need a dose of 'rainbows and glitters'.

So now, i'll share with you, my top 5 guilty pleasure films of Cheesy Kingdom. Surely, there's no guilt in pleasure, eh? ;D

  • White Chicks (O.M.G. the FBI guys are too hilarious, they are my secret BFFs)

  • Mr.Beans on holiday (Oysters accident, and the cross-dressing lip-syncing? enough said :D )

  • Bridget Jones Diary (Darcy with his jumpers? damn, that's the new definition of infamous)
  • Mean Girls (A high school classic! Regina George with her burn book. Burn beeyatch burn!!)

  • St. Trinians ( Those dolls ROCK!)

There, you have it! my Cheese Kingdom films.I recommend you to try it, it'll bring you a brighter day!
 What's yours? What do you think of these films?


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