Books i'm trying to read

Are you a monogamous or a polygamous reader?
             i'm more of a polygamous reader, so i read a few books at once, the beauty of it is that you have a skill of multitasking #AProudChick. But the bad thing is, it take you longer to read books #BOO!

Right now, i'm reading:

  • Heiress without a cause by Sara Ramsey

So far so good, the main characters are likeable and i like how the Hero, Ferguson have such a controversial 'badge' that sticks on his forehead status that's feared by the society. His entrance was cool, like
 and now i'm up to when Ferguson watch Madam Guerrier's Hamlet's performance

  • 50 shades of Grey by E.L. James

When i was younger, i was an obsessed Twi-hard, not any-more now. As i calm down over thinking glittery vampires are in hot vampires category. I was quite unsure whether to read this trilogy or not, but being the curious gal that i am, i start reading this.
The book have quite the same skeleton as Twilight, with the flush heroine does, her being clumsy, basically there's many similarities. But what makes this a slow read to me is the characters is kind of 2D, and every time i read this, i always feel like i'm reading a middle age woman's wet fantasy with a suit-fetish. which makes me feel like

and now i'm up to where the Heroine said "Holy F**k i can't even consider a food list" after she read the contract. Speaking of which, i like how Christian says (Spoiler)"I don't make love, i fuck... hard"

  • Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

just seen the cover *hehehe*


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