My top 3 Sport Romance List:

Hello readers!

         It's been a great weather this week, which is quite surprising since it's been quite cloudy several weeks ago. With summer comes along, in UK it's also the countdown to the  London Olympics, which is cool as the torch is going to Manchester quite soon! And there's the fact that it's Euro football 2012 this week.
         So i decided, why not i make a list of my top Sport Romance novels?
The sweats of hard day at the field, sizzling hot body sexy as sin, *dreamysigh* Here's the list..

  • Play by Play series by Jaci Burton

         Those Boys are just hot with capital H and double Ts! i mean their family gene pool would probably be needeed by scientist, they're all superstars and all, whoow~ #FutureIVFAlert! They're fielding in different sports which is great, imagine the commentators saying " So Riley the quarterback passed the ball to his partner, oh, another Riley. To tell you the truth, there are about 4 Rileys in this team." That would be confusing, eh??
         The Heroes of this series are like Prince Charming mix with the three four musketeers, in search of love with a down-to-earth Cinderella girl. Yes, even Liz can be charming.
            This Sport Romance is for those who need for speed (In innuendos and business, decide). The series reveal a group of friends involve in the Fast Track of Formula 1 linked by drama, comedies, and love.

  1. Bad Boys of Football by Bella Andre: GoodRead link
               Hot boys in search of their Cinderella, with a lot of drama, hot hot sex, and a good old competitive sport!


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