Novel forecast: Young Adult Paranormal

Okay, maybe less scary image and more sexier. But anyway, every week, i'll do a novel forecast, where i, yes moi do a prediction (ok, maybe more like a popular demand) of the fiction consumer.

For the first debut, i'll tell you the Young Adult Paranormal is on high demand this summer. Like REAL demand. i  mean, Adventure rank 1st on the most favourite film to watch by public, so there's really no reason why not to 'step up' the adventure with kick-ass paranormal characters fighting-off the evil villain to save the world. GO HEROES!

I would say, the characters in YA Paranormal are hard *RihannasongHard,onthebackground* like tough hard, not wimpy. And who don't love a kick-ass? and, no, NOT the kick-ass from the film. That one is, uh, 10000x sugar-coated with unicorns and rainbows. Think of YA Paranormal with a dash of James Bond and Mission Impossible. Yeah, that is the definition of H.A.R.D. (and delish guys i could say *winks*)

Tempted yet? Try these tittles:

  • Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
  • Jaz Parks by Jennifer Radin
  • Blood Ties by Jennifer Armintrout
  • Anita Blake (first 5 books) by Lauren K. Hamilton
  • Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill 
Now i'm still reading the Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. Saw the quotes on GoodRead,  the characters have funny conversation there, and so far so good. I like it.

Do you like kick-ass YA Paranormal?
If so, what's your favourite book?

There, there, lemme give you a cuddle-bear~


Victoria Scott said...

I'm reading the last VAMPIRE ACADEMY book right now and loving it! :)

Emiko Rei said...

ah, Vampire Academy series are great! i was in tears at the ending :')

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