The perfect play by Jaci Burton

The Perfect Play (Play by Play, #1)The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton

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well, if the book cover is THIS hot? who couldn't??

Damn, this book is a keeper!
Mick is a cute guy, with all the romantic 'Prince Charming' characteristic, looking for the One. And Tara is the down-to-earth Cinderella who is perfect for Mick.

the chemistry the have around each other? well, let just say i'll get suffocated from all the lust in the air.

will Mick ditch his glamorous lady killer lifestyle to stay with Tara? will Tara and her son welcome a new sexy as sin family member?
and more importantly, will their love conquers all?

Jacie Burton writes a great story in this, one thing i don't like is how Liz portrayed, as she sounded so extreme... Overall, i like it! and off course there's the book cover Appreciation~ *dreamysigh*

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I'm loving this cover!!! =)

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Emiko Rei said...

the model is hot! :D hehe

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