Review: Embrace The Dark by Caris Roane

Embrace the Dark (The Blood Rose Series, #1)Embrace the Dark by Caris Roane

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Cover reaction:
Hell yeah!


When i saw the blurb of this book, i found the theme very interesting, Vampire Kingdom meets Rapunzel sort of style. which is why i chose this book. It's quite quirky. And the hot body of the cover guy doesn't hurt.

However, the interest of being quirky and original sometimes ended to disaster. As i don't like the characters, and how it's all warrior and princess dresses yet you have advance technology as well. OTT, it's like the film of modernized Hamlet. Less is sometimes better.

I would say, the book have great potential if some changes made. And i'm looking forward for the next book

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