Seven Night of Sin by Lacey Alexander

Seven Nights of SinSeven Nights of Sin by Lacey Alexander

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Tittle totally suits the story, it's unreal.

before you read this book, you should have a tall glass to drink, your BOB or your partner, and later on a very long cold shower. seriously THAT good and smoking hot!

i have this thesis, that character who name is Damon have the sexy as sin characteristics, what do you think?

Heroine is your ordinary colleague at work and the boss decided that she should go chase after her out-of-league crush to take over his job. Crazy right?

well, she undertook a makeover, and it was a cute scene to read actually. he did a double take on her *aww*

Damon is a hottie bad boy with a good aim of life, with an ideal of his job as his passion, which is why he's a notorious figure.

Damon is good for Heroine, as he guide her to the wild side and experience more of life. Damon need her too, she is the second voice to make his career booming.

Does that mean Damon never know about her hidden intention at Vegas?
Will Heroine let go of her emotion to Damon and focus on her career takeover?

you can only know if you read this book.

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