Sunshine's journey to Edinburgh

Ever wonder if you could relive your Highlander fantasy?
Where (rugged.. and chisseled off course ) men in skirt kilt does the manhandle, fight to bloodied just to save you. Keep you at his grand castle, protect you from the evil villain?
well, 2 whole weeks ago, since Monday, me and family were in the adventure to find out.

The Castle. Not the Highlander.


Venue #1 

  • Edinburgh Castle & Royal Botanical Garden

              Edinburgh castle was great! its build at a tall hill so we practically did power stairs up and down from it. But it was worth it, the view are fantabulous! The castle was off course grand and very artistic, yet quite military compare to the other castle i've seen on this trip.
    I actually visions  LOTS of scene that i could use for stories, hopefully i could * finger crossed*. Guilty as charged, that featured ehm, very sexy Scots -off course *winks*
    Royal Botanical Garden, is my favourite. It's a great place to walk, meditate, and basically escapade.

The imagination in my head:

The hunky guys of McCabe clan just pop-up immediately in my mind from the first sight of the castle. Oo-oh, don't blame me, i'm innocent *evil laughs*, I could vision the Big Bad Ewan, running across the field with the *coughs* bed sheets; The 'angel or devil' Keeley healing poor Alaric; The Kick-ass Riona training sword with Sexy Caeleen. In a nutshell, they make cavemen style sounds hot. Won't believe it? I recommend you to read the series, i guarantee 'Thou Shall Swoon'.

A contemporary Scot fantasy novel, compact with comedy. Ian is just *dreamysigh* brawly hot! i mean, i loathe turtleneck top, yet when i vision when Ian meet Kathie in that outfit that he wears? #HotstuffAllert.
The scene when Ian (*Spoiler* propose to Kathie), The hill version of Royal Botanica Garden would be perfect!

p.s. wouldn't you agree that Stirling Castle would be perfect for their wedding? 
the view would be breath taking in sunset!

O-okay, Moving on from all the hotness *dreamysigh*. More review shall be posted soon!

What do you think of the Scot Romance Heroes?AYE or  NAY?


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