Review: Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) by Patricia Briggs

Moon Called (Mercedes Thompson, #1)Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The kick ass Mercy with her little lamb... oh, little lamb. LOL!

I'm so happy that the cover artist is the same guy that design for the White Trash Zombie series. The little dog paw is so, forgive me werewolves... CUTE!

The structure is the ol' same Urban Fantasy-esque 'backbone' and the Bad Guys Club is also have the general badassery. But Mercy, as a character is my most favourable kind of girl. she's not too whiny and not too feminazi either.

The men here, damn, i wish i can swap my life for Mercy's.

you know, i might actually swap my christian cross for a sheep necklace.. as THAT SCENE is soo my favourite scene of urban fantasy novel of ALL time :')

Mercy's response...

I was thinking.. since i have 5 more weeks of summer holiday,  i might MIGHT challenge myself to finish the Anita Blake Series... i read the first 4 books, but didn't have a chance to finish the others.. hmm, quite a good challenge actually. What do you think?

Review: Hidden Paradise by Janet Mullany

Hidden ParadiseHidden Paradise by Janet Mullany

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

It was hot while it lasted, like a sexapades of a woman in their holidays. There was no 'friendlish' connection other than the lust and sex, but hey! it's erotica~ so i let it pass.

I guess there is a hint of fire beneath the text. Lit specifically for those widows and broken-hearted girls. There's plenty more fish in the sea, and surely pleasure is a girl's second best friend.

If you secretly (or even publicly) known for your Mr.Darcy Syndrome. Well, you might like to have a taste of this book.

ARC provided by Harlequin via NetGalley

Review: Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendara Blake

Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1)Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Anna dressed in blood is safely tucked as my all-time-favourite-fabulous-DAHling!-bookshelf which very few books have the same 'clique' i should say. (with tiaras, feather boas, Chippendale hunkies, and all that jazz included)

I L.O.V.E. everything about the book! Cover, Characters, even the villain... (his dreadlocks, ooh~ not many villains have dreadlocks, especially in horror.) Don't you agree?

when i was 6 years old, me and my brother began a ritual to watch horror movies Friday nights, which was quite thrilling as at the end of the midnight when we try to sleep, it's always my brother whom ended up batshit scared.. while i slept peacefully. And he was in high school. So i come prepared for this horror romance book.

Kendare's writing of Cas's POV is quite refreshing in YA Paranormal Romance, i love the prose and most importantly the scenes are easily visualised and bring-to-life which make the experience reading Anna very exiting. I cannot put the book down once i started i was THAT hooked!

Oh by the way, Anna~ i have a confession...

big lesbian crush on you!

Looking forward for Girl of Nightmares!

My top 5 booklist of Rock 'n' Roll Romance

Who in the world, never have a wonder or want to experience a date / a relationship/ or even as far as marrying a rockstar?
The world of party hard, devil-may-care swag, and basically aggressive lifestyle, everyone would like a taste of rock 'n' rolling right? I know certainly i would. Fiction - wise would be easier for the fall than being a rock groupie.

So here it is, my list of #RockDiva or Gods, whichever you prefer ~ i hope you'll fall in fiction-love with the guys too *winks*

  • Lynne Connolly - Pure Wildfire series
The boys will rock you from their bittersweet lullabies to the rock'n'rolling hot menages! Only the right women could tame them from their beautiful songs and ofcourse their oh so secretive form #shh!

It's not only about their hot body. It's self-identity, friendship, love, sex and ofcourse Rock 'n' Rollin !
Hotness: JalapeƱo Hot!

  • Katie McCalister - It's All Greek To Me
although the rockin' is not the main focus, the sizzles of attraction is between Hero and Heroine beats all the aggressive beats of the drums or the sweet solo of electric guitar. ooh, and the Hero's *ehem* figure is pleasing for the sore eye *winks* .
Hotness: Mild

  • Olivia Cunning - Sinners On Tour
These bad boys are the definition of the dreamy fiction rock-stars! They're talented musician, a great friend, and above all...VERY hot lover(s). What more could a girl want? The intimate scene perhaps a 'tad' bit too much for some, and can be very creamy cheesy (orchestra while having the O Hail Great Orgams? i can only wish...)
Hotness: Core-of-the-Sun Hot
  • That's Rock and Roll
  • Cherrie Lynn - Rock Me (Ross Siblings #2)

Try one, you won't be dissapointed~ *winks*

Review: Tempest by Julie Cross

Tempest (Tempest, #1)Tempest by Julie Cross

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

so, when Jackson time travels. Nothing changes in his present time


First of all, it's only make sense that if a person did something, it triggers different result of future if that person did another action. it's the rule of probabilities, basic logic.

It's strange to read that Jackson's time-travels doesn't change the future.He could change the possibility of his girlfriend - Holly's death, rather than going back to 2007. Make life easier, don't 'cha think?... if the time travel thinggy sorted out~

The overall theme of the book would be better if it's not viewed with too much 'rose tinted light', aka romantic side of the characters. Yes romance is cute and blablabla, but i believe that this book would attract more audience if the adventure kick-ass side overpower the romance side. Jackson would be less douchebag 'oh-yeah-i'm-the-sex-god-ladies-can't-resist-me', dude, you're only 19... no episode of Geordie Shore please! . To be honest, i don't like the guy AT ALL . He is potrayed as Mr. Perfect with lotta money, multilingual, 'hot body' no girls can't resist, and 'oh i'm such a bad boy, i like having sex with proper airhead easy girls'. Even the 13 years old me back in the past WON'T worship this guy. Instead,i would remove his jewels if he is anywhere near me.

There's so much i could say and whine about, but i have no effort to pronounce my disappointment towards something that could potentially be a great YA book *sigh*