My top 5 booklist of Rock 'n' Roll Romance

Who in the world, never have a wonder or want to experience a date / a relationship/ or even as far as marrying a rockstar?
The world of party hard, devil-may-care swag, and basically aggressive lifestyle, everyone would like a taste of rock 'n' rolling right? I know certainly i would. Fiction - wise would be easier for the fall than being a rock groupie.

So here it is, my list of #RockDiva or Gods, whichever you prefer ~ i hope you'll fall in fiction-love with the guys too *winks*

  • Lynne Connolly - Pure Wildfire series
The boys will rock you from their bittersweet lullabies to the rock'n'rolling hot menages! Only the right women could tame them from their beautiful songs and ofcourse their oh so secretive form #shh!

It's not only about their hot body. It's self-identity, friendship, love, sex and ofcourse Rock 'n' Rollin !
Hotness: JalapeƱo Hot!

  • Katie McCalister - It's All Greek To Me
although the rockin' is not the main focus, the sizzles of attraction is between Hero and Heroine beats all the aggressive beats of the drums or the sweet solo of electric guitar. ooh, and the Hero's *ehem* figure is pleasing for the sore eye *winks* .
Hotness: Mild

  • Olivia Cunning - Sinners On Tour
These bad boys are the definition of the dreamy fiction rock-stars! They're talented musician, a great friend, and above all...VERY hot lover(s). What more could a girl want? The intimate scene perhaps a 'tad' bit too much for some, and can be very creamy cheesy (orchestra while having the O Hail Great Orgams? i can only wish...)
Hotness: Core-of-the-Sun Hot
  • That's Rock and Roll
  • Cherrie Lynn - Rock Me (Ross Siblings #2)

Try one, you won't be dissapointed~ *winks*


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