Review: Tempest by Julie Cross

Tempest (Tempest, #1)Tempest by Julie Cross

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

so, when Jackson time travels. Nothing changes in his present time


First of all, it's only make sense that if a person did something, it triggers different result of future if that person did another action. it's the rule of probabilities, basic logic.

It's strange to read that Jackson's time-travels doesn't change the future.He could change the possibility of his girlfriend - Holly's death, rather than going back to 2007. Make life easier, don't 'cha think?... if the time travel thinggy sorted out~

The overall theme of the book would be better if it's not viewed with too much 'rose tinted light', aka romantic side of the characters. Yes romance is cute and blablabla, but i believe that this book would attract more audience if the adventure kick-ass side overpower the romance side. Jackson would be less douchebag 'oh-yeah-i'm-the-sex-god-ladies-can't-resist-me', dude, you're only 19... no episode of Geordie Shore please! . To be honest, i don't like the guy AT ALL . He is potrayed as Mr. Perfect with lotta money, multilingual, 'hot body' no girls can't resist, and 'oh i'm such a bad boy, i like having sex with proper airhead easy girls'. Even the 13 years old me back in the past WON'T worship this guy. Instead,i would remove his jewels if he is anywhere near me.

There's so much i could say and whine about, but i have no effort to pronounce my disappointment towards something that could potentially be a great YA book *sigh*



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