Review: All Over You by Beverley Kendall

Description from Amazon UK:

New Adult Romance - recommended for readers 18+ yrs due to sex & language
Sensuality level in this book is high.
This is a college-set romance. The hero is not tattooed or irrevocably damaged and the heroine has not been physically or emotionally abused. There are many good books out there like that in this genre. This is not such a book.  

An ex is an ex for a reason

To Rebecca Winters, it's not just a saying or the title to a catchy tune, it's a rule she staunchly lives by. Especially since the break up with herex. What's the point in trying to fix the "unfixable"? Besides, only a girl hell-bent on more heartbreak would go back to the guy who bailed on her when she needed him most. But saying no to Scott is becoming more difficult than surviving the breakup itself. And unfortunately for her, the kind of pressure he's exerting is making her rule all too easy to break.

Scott Carver has given up trying to get over his ex. He's still in love with her and their year apart has done nothing to change that. Yeah, he knows he screwed up. Just how royally, he wasn't aware of until now. So when Becca agrees to give him a second chance, he grabs on to it with both hands. But it's clear the only way things will ever truly be right between them is if he comes clean...about everything. He can only pray the truth doesn't send her running--for good this time.

Rating: 3.5 stars!

I really enjoyed this book, it was a really good story with a hella lot of emotional journey. Both main characters are confident and independent, definitely got the sizzling electric connection between the two yet they have not reveal their skeleton inside their closet towards each other. *cue in the drama!*

Although it is a novella, i thought i could adapt to the story from the first chapter, and i haven't read the first book yet (i will soon). The prose was written quite good, and the characterisation was realistic. I have suspected the conflict from earlier on, with the hints of the dual POV (point of view), BUT Scott's problem was unexpected. i didn't saw that coming! 
He fought his devil and what a change it was! it reminded me to not judge people, some people could be an extremely different than they used to be or what they appear to be.

Scott and Rebecca had already broke up in the beginning of this book. (it was for a very sensitive reason), but Scott's understanding of the break up was different than Rebecca, and he want her back. Then begin the adventure of courting her back to convince he is a better person now.

Scott is an admirable hero, he took care of Rebecca even when she is stubborn and he don't drink or do drugs! Of course there's the matter of his physical sexiness, 

but lets focus on characteristics first people~ ;D
Scott the good boy is actually a man with many mystery, even Rebecca his girlfriend for a year did not know them. Through the journey, he learnt to let go and trust Rebecca. Thus, the truth shall let him free!

Rebecca is a nice, confident girl who like to have fun with her friend. She is set to not be ruled by her past, but when the history ALMOST repeat itself, it's totally understandable for her to press that panic button before it's all gone messy. It seems to me she can't think straight when it comes to Scott, she went a bit indecisive, weak knees, and barely communicative it's almost an eyerolling situation. Like Scott, Rebecca went through a journey, and the stubborn gal that she is, of course she won't make it easy for Scott to get her good side. So she ask him to play the little baby turtle steps. It was a bit torture for Scott but from it all she learnt to let live and be happy girl!

It was a beautiful ending. *teary eyed* I can't wait to read the series!!

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