Review: Hung Parliament by S.A. Gordon

An ARC copy provided by Momentum Books via NetGalley


The election isn't the only thing that's coming...
In the dark heart of winter, an election is called. Two parties will vie for supremacy. Two leaders, Grace Hammond and David Bartley, will do battle to take charge of the land. It would all be so straightforward if they weren't already having an affair.
Amidst accusations of corruption, treachery and murky deals done with large corporations, network news correspondent Chopper (not his real name) knows whose fingerprints are on what and who is about to stab who in the back. That doesn't mean he'll run the story, though, even when it's a story that could take down both leaders and create the biggest scandal ever seen in the nation's politics.
The web of relationships and the network of secrets on which the national capital runs mean that Chopper's decisions are never straightforward. He has people to protect, and people to expose – but the real test comes when they turn out to be one and the same.
Rating: 4.5 stars!

I never found politics to be so hot and sexy! there was drama, there was thrill, and there were super hot thrilling sex affair. We need more legal romance in the market~

Before i start reading this, i assumed it would be something like the prose of Julie James. Light, and very close - proximity dilemma kind of book. Don't be fooled readers! The cover gives you all the hint, it was dark, fast paced, and it involved the whole lot of Australia & New Zealand's politic players.

The book was written with several main character's point of views: the prime minister, several MPs, and reporters. Readers might get a little lost in the first few chapters, but Chopper was a good voice to lead you to the story, he was my favourite character. Every character's voice lets readers be a fly in the wall of their situations; what's their dilemma, what's their goals, and those secrets and manipulative half-truths that's lingering within the House of Parliament in Australia.

The plot was straightforward and Gordon cleverly made readers aware of the political theme throughout the story. I was at the edge of the seats when the drama heats up, and smirked myself crazy at the funny and sarcastic scenes. Being the fly on the wall for the story was a bit frustrating for me, as i was screaming and shouting for the characters to see the obvious warning 'red-light', before all the sticky mess controversials burst out all over Australia at the climax of the story. It was one hell of a journey (and yes, Gordon converted me to look forward to the next election). 

The characters are intelligent, powerful, and aggressive. I can distinguish the different characters and they are well-rounded, they have flaws yet also use their powers to their advantages... though it could also be their biggest fall of their career.

Thumbs up for Gordon, she did her homework well, using correct jargon and she used them well! there were a lot of highlights in my kindle involving heavy banter of low frequency lingos, here's some that i liked:
"...we'll have to fall on our proverbial (well known) swords at the behest (command) of our parties?...
Ooh, baby, you know i love it when you show a deep knowledge of the classic works of English literature. I'm getting hard just thinking about it"
"He winked, " Anything for the Minister." 
There were a few spelling errors (i.e. Bangladeshi not Blangladeshi), and Aussie's dialect that i didn't understand. They confuse me a little bit, but it didn't really distract me from the story.

I wouldn't recommend it for readers if they are a bit sensitive of betrayal, and the supporter fluffy happy ever afters. The climax of this book was a nice believable ending, a bitter sweet ending.

I was really hoping it'll be a series, though from the ending of this book - i'd say it'll be the only one.


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