Review: Sunrise Fires by Heather LaBarge

Book Info:

Title: Sunrise Fires 

Published Date:  Jan 2013

Genre:  Erotic Romance

In seductive Las Vegas, Jen and Ryan have it all: they've built a life that is satisfying intellectually, emotionally, and especially sexually. As a regional sales executive, Jennifer Simmons has a solid career and finally, a man who is her partner in every way. She believes that if she simply doesn't change anything, then everything will stay just as it is: perfect. 
Jen receives an offer that could launch her career to new heights. Typically strong and independent, she finds herself at a loss spinning in an ocean of self-doubt and insecurity. Torn between professional success and personal joy, can she find the personal strength to take the opportunity? And if she does, will she and Ryan survive the change? When the offer becomes an ultimatum, will she have to sacrifice one for the other? 
Enlightening and profoundly moving, Sunrise Fires is the perfect combination of romance, suspense, and erotic pleasure. Emotionally connect with heartwarming characters in this riveting story of self-discovery that follows Jen's journey into, through, and beyond her insecurities.

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Rating: 3 Stars!

Sunrise fires was surprisingly quite fluffy sweet for an erotica, there's a lot of angst at the last half of the novel and I believe a lot of readers would fall in love with Ryan! Warning: this standalone will eat your heart out.

In this book, Ryan has been in relationship with Jen for quite a while. Jen who has suffered two failed marriages previously finally found 'the one' in Ryan. They are a perfect match in every way. But nothing falls smoothly in books, and the couple faces the biggest challenge of all, that could make them - or break them.

Insecurities is such an irritating thing, it have the potential of breaking people lives to such a great extent. Jen's insecurities hinder her from enjoying and appreciating of the good life she has. She pushes away people, especially Ryan (poor Ryan) from her believing that they will leave her someday. Ryan really saved her from herself. There's naivety in Jen's ideal, she thought being very constant in life would not cause any problem. Well, doesn't she need the Queen of life experience (aka Karma) to teach her a lesson?

People changes constantly, no one stops learning until they die (ask Einstein). Experiences are the one that define us, and change us for the better. If you scared to change and move forward, then what's the point of life?

I get that it is quite hard to balance personal life and business life, especially if a great opportunity is within grasp. Well, Jen is on a whole lotta ride for this juggling.

Ryan is the knight with the shining armour and the whole white horse female fantasy. I thought he was a bit like Logan Thibault from The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. He got the whole sugary, fluffy, too-perfect-to-be-realistic flair about him. I have no doubt a lot of readers would love his personality. Trust me, he got a patient of a buddha (and a stamina of Olympians on steroids). 

He's my favourite main character of this story, as he bear all those drama Jen throws at him and he still believe in her, in their relationship, and their future. 

Thumbs up for LaBarge for the whole emotional roller coaster towards the end. Jen has to sort out the result of her action, and it didn't come easy (Thankfully).

Will they survive the drama? or was that the end of their road? 
Let's just say, thank gosh it's not a cliffhanger. 

Author Info:

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Author Bio:  

Heather Labarge is a 24 year veteran of the Air Force, the mother of two, and a product of dysfunction. She was raised in a military household by an abusive step-mother and neglectful father. She left for the military at 18 and never looked back – at least, not until her second marriage ended abruptly in a flurry of restraining orders and court cases.

She has written fiction and non-fiction works and essays on her journey back to self-esteem. Sunrise Fires is her first published offering, a look at one woman’s early steps out of negative self-talk and self-sabotaging behaviors that risk ruining her relationship with the love of her life. It will be followed by Love Me, Please, a non-fiction series of essays written at the beginning of Heather’s own walk away from dysfunction.

Today, Heather lives in Las Vegas, NV and continues to work full time for the Department of Defense while also writing, raising her son and continuing the journey to self-love.

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