Character Interview: Cage and Sway from Cage by Harper Sloan

        Hi y'all! I was lucky to take part in Cage (Corps Security #2) blog tour, arranged by Twinsie talk... AND i got a chance to have a chat with Cage and Sway!! To reminded you, Cage is an alpha guy with big heart, he would not hesitate to put his PapaBear's claws out if you harm his loved ones. Sway, the fabulous dazzling Sway, is the lucky neighbour of Corps Security and BFF of the ladies. Just to warn you, he can be lethal with heels.
Anyway, we had so much fun with our chat, and here's what we've been talking~
Me: Hi y’all, welcome to my blog! How are you? Thank you for joining us today, I’m super excited to chat with you two~ y’all are my favourites!
Me: UK is famous for its ‘brew’ especially in tea parties. So before the interview started, do you prefer coffee or tea? 
Cage- I’m a coffee kind of guy. 
Sway- Oh darlin’ I would love a cup of tea!  Aren’t you just a cutie!
Me: Aww, thank you Sway. You're fab!
Quickies questions-:
Megan Fox or Scarlet Johansson? 
Cage- I think I can speak for Sway here that he would prefer neither, however I am more a Fox guy than Johansson.

Vampires, Zombies, Aliens or Werewolves? 
Cage- Zombies.  I blame Harper for this one.  Boss lady is obsessed with Zombies.

What's your party trick? 
Sway - Sweet child, I have so many party tricks you would just die. I could turn a straight man gay if he knew all I was capable of!
Me: *glances towards Cage*

If you had a superpower, which one would it be?
Sway - Mind control!  Working next door to these beef-cakes it would come in handy.
Me: *giggles* would it be a bad thing that i could actually imagine the situation *grins*

Now everyone have warmed up, let’s take it to the next level …
  • Can you tell us two fun facts about you? Go as crazy as you’d like… 

Cage - There is nothing I love more than spending all day with Melissa and Cohen… but when Cohen is spending the night with Uncle Maddox or a sleepover with Nate the next best thing is spending time, alone, with my girl.  And regardless of what Axel says, I do not cry during sappy romantic flicks.  
Me: Aww, that is so cute! I want to have sleepover with the gang too, maybe then we could see IF you actually not cry whilst watching chick-flick *evil laughs*
Sway - Yes he does!  Oh yes, I saw him do it the other night!
Me: Ok, we so need to arrange this Sleepover party! ASAP.
  • Tell us one item you always have daily… 

Cage – Wedding band and cell 
Sway- HEELS and a back up pair, you never know when you need a backup pair!
Me: Girl, I cannot agree more. Emergency heels to the rescue!
  • If there is one cocktail (alcoholic or not) named after you, what would you named them? 

Sway – Blow job baby
Cage - Classy Sway.
Me: *shakes head* I could imagine Sway's pitch for the drink in front of business moguls. Scary, scary thoughts.
  • Give us your best attempt of British stereotype… 

Cage - babe, I have no idea.  I try to not pay attention to stereotypes.
Me: Cage, have i told you you're the nicest guy ever? well, you are~

  • Name one power tool you frequently use (e.g. hammer, chainsaw, curlers, etc.) … 

Sway - I don’t use those.  If I need something fixed or put together I call the guys.  
Me: And appreciate the men at work, huh? Clever idea *smirks*

  • A lot of ladies (and some men) love a bit of guy strippers, what would your stripper name be (forename from the name of your first pet, and surname… the cheesiest you could find) 

Cage - Figgy Chardonay.  Something tells me I wouldn’t be getting many lap dance request with a name like that.
Me: Rolling on the floor laughing. Literally.

  • Which one of you is the gym-lover? Do you guys train together? 

Cage - you wouldn’t catch Sway in the gym unless he was there to check out the guys.  I try to go as much as possible but mainly I just work out in the basement at home so Cohen can come down and play around while I do my thing.
Me: Ladies, cue the "Oohs" and "Awws".

  • Slay Sway, do you think the men of corps security make a better cast for Magic Mike 2? 

Sway, Sugar but Slay might work. ;) And oh yes those hunks of hot would be the perfect cast.  Channing who?!
Me: *blushes* I'm so sorry! blame it on the typo *glares at the keyboard*
  • Which one of you is Cohen’s favourite? 

Cage- Right now he seems to be very attached to Maddox, but Maddox seems to share the attachment as well.
Me: Aww, Kudos to Maddox!

  • Sway, if you have to pick one of the guys, which one is your favourite and why? 

Sway – Maddox, I just love all that tall, dark, delicious and broody.
Me: Yummm. I really want to meet Maddox now~ *grins*

  • Cage, name a chick-flick you have watched with the ladies? 

Cage- I think I watched that one about a notebook the other day.  I don’t really remember, I woke up and it was over.
Me: *Smirks* are you sure?? did you not have tears by the end of it? *Shocked face*

  • Just between us, tell us one foolproof pick-up lines that always work for you? 

Cage- Well, if you ask Melissa I’m terrible at them. Haha.

  • What one advice can you give to ladies out there? 

Cage- Be confident 
Sway- And rock it.
Me: *finger clicks* Uhhhuuummm, gurl! *looks around* what? i'm just adding dramatic effect~

  • Name one of your all-time favourite book. 

Cage- Boss lady got Melissa hooked on some chick named Kristen Ashley.  I haven’t heard Melissa and Izzy shut up since then.  Apparently she writes the best ‘alpha males’ ever.  Whatever that means.
Me: OMG, Kristen Ashley! she's super awesome! I agree with your boss lady, i'm a fan~ *fangirling*
  • Will we see more of the gang in near future? 

Sway- of course!
Me: Whoop whoop! i'm super excited!!

Thank you so much to hang out with us! I hope I can see you guys again *teary eyes*
~Bisous for y’all~ (French cheek kisses) and of course, bear hugs <3

Catch up with Cage, Sway, and the gang at Harper Sloan's new book - Cage! 

Trust me, it's worth the read <3


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