Author Interview with Harper Sloan!

New Year, a new beginning~
I hope you guys had a fabulous festivities ending the year of 2013 *smiles* 
what a beginning with the line up such as Harper Sloan! She's an upcoming author to watch, especially with her Corps Security series. Twinsie Talk gives me an opportunity to participate for Sloan's third book Beck and I got a chance to interview the lady.  Below are what we have been discussing...

Me: Wine, Spirit, or Cocktail? 
Harper: Cocktail… mainly because I like to say cocktail
Me: Book you most want to see turned into a movie? 
Harper: Real
Me: Favourite day of the week?  
Harper: Saturday

Me: What's your party trick? 
Harper: I can wiggle my ears.  LOL

(I'm so jelly! I wish I could)

Me:Your perfect breakfast consists of –
Harper: A hotpocket and coke.  Yup… pretty healthy, said no one ever.

Me: If you had a super power, which one would it be? 
Harper: I would read minds

Now, let’s talk about you and your book …

1.      Can you tell us three fun facts about you? Go as crazy as you’d like… 
Harper: I’m insanely dorky.  I like stupid ugly sweaters, I sing and talk to myself and sometimes when I’m feeling froggy I talk to my characters.  What?  They are the best brainstormers.  LOL

2.      Can you tell us what a typical Harper Sloan day is like?
Harper: I can’t work during the day so my day is consumed with one crazy as hell, awesome two year old.  Some reading, some cleaning, and then working until 4-ish in the morning.

3.      What made you take a leap and become a writer? 
Harper: I finally grew some balls and stopped being terrified of failing.  I can honestly say I wouldn’t have ever published Axel without the amazing support system urging me to finish.

4.      What got you to write New Adult genre?
Harper: I don’t know if I would consider my books NA… I think Beck could fall into that genre because he isn’t as raw as the other two but honestly I just write how the characters come to me.  If they cuss like idiots, or have too much sex… then so be it.  LOL

5.      How did you feel when you first started to write Corps Security series?
Harper: Nervous, Scared, worried… I still feel like that.  With every book.  I don’t think that feeling will ever go away.

6.      Where did your ideas for the stories come from? Do you include events inspired by your own life events or someone you know? 
Harper: There is something, even if it’s super small like poprocks, in each of my books that is all me.    Most of it is just where my mind and fingers take me.  

7.      What has been your biggest challenge with writing Beck? 
Harper: The EMOTIONS.  Beck almost killed me.  I was gutted and sobbing for most of the book.  I poured my heart into that baby and I couldn’t be more proud of it.

8.      Who is your favourite character? 
Harper: Sway… or maybe Beck.  

9.      Which character is most/least like you and in what way? 
Harper: Melissa.  She is 100% me with a touch of Sway humor.

10.  Is there a message in your novel that you want the readers to grasp? 
Harper: For Beck, absolutely.  It’s hard for people that haven’t even had a touch of depression in their lives to understand Dee.  I know this, and I knew it going in that there would be people that HATE her.  As someone that has suffered myself, I just wanted to put some kind of ‘real’ to it.  There could be someone in your life that is hiding and I’ll tell you, they are good at it.  Know your friends, and be there.. always for whatever they need.

13.  Do you have any funny experience whilst writing the series? 
Harper: If you could see me when I write it would be a ball of laughs.  I write with my music full blast in my bed.  I don’t use a desk, I drag my laptop around and sing at the top of my lungs.  I constantly have to stop what I’m doing to dance around like a major freak.

14.  How has interactions with the fans been?
Harper: I LOVE MY FANS.  I am connected to my iPhone and love the comments and messages I get.  My husband makes fun of my because I’m constantly smiling at my phone.

15.  Have you been surprised at all by how the series has been received by the readers?
Harper: God yes.  I honestly always thought it would just be my mom reading my books.  LOL

16.  What advice can you give to aspiring/ debut authors? 
Harper: Never give up.  Regardless of how scary it can be.  You have a story to tell, tell it.

17.  Name three of your all-time favourite authors.
Harper: Kristen Ashley, JR Ward, Carly Phillips

18.  Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? 
Harper: I LOVE Y’ALL!


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