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#Review Policies

 Things you should know before submitting a review request:

What I do post are my honest opinions of the books I read – what I liked, what I didn't like, and why. I do this on my own free time because I love reading and talking about books.

Genres I accept:
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Erotic Romance
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Historical Romance
  • (some)Young Adult (YA) 
  • New Adult (NA)
  • ChickLit

I would prefer printed books... but ARCs, galleys, finished copies, and eBooks are accepted. If you are submitting an eBook for review, you will be asked to send the eBook directly to the reviewer (me) who will be reading and reviewing the book. Self-published books will be considered if, and only if, the book has been edited. No exceptions. I do not accept audio books for review.

I will NEVER copy, forward, share, distribute, trade, or in any way infringe on an author’s copyright regarding eBooks I receive. From time to time, Literary Lust holds give-aways which may include ARCs and bound books that have been received for review. If you prefer that I do not give-away the bound book you provided me for review, please let me know via e-mail and I will honour your wish.

I will consider all requests; however I may not accept all requests.While I try to only accept books for review that I think I will enjoy reading, I cannot and will not guarantee a positive review. My reviews are my honest assessment of the book, which is in no way affected by how or where I got the book.I do not accept/receive monetary compensation for reviews.

Book reviews would include the following information:
  • book title and author
  • book cover
  • synopsis (usually taken from Goodreads)
  • name of series and number in series, if applicable
  • publication date and publisher
  • link to author website, if easily found
If you have a specific date that you would like the review to be posted, please let me know in your request and i will do my best to accommodate you. Books I personally request for review will have precedence over all other books.

There are currently only one permanent reviewer. I handles all correspondence, including review requests, promotional posts, and the like. To learn more about Literary Lust, check out our About page. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact me.
Only books that are accepted for review will be contacted within one week of submitting a review request.

#Author Guest Posts, Giveaways, and Virtual Book Tours

    Literary Lust is more than happy to help promote your book with promotional posts.
Please see the list of genres we accept for review to see if Literary Lust would be a good fit
to promote your book. Self-publishers are welcome (and encouraged!) 
as long as the book you are promoting/giving away has been edited
 at least once by a third party.

     Dates will not be confirmed until all information (including guest post, if applicable)
has been received. For virtual book tours, dates will be confirmed in advanced,
 however I must receive all information for the post one week prior to post date.
      I ask that guest posts be an original work that has not been published anywhere
 else before. Guest posts should be between 300-600 words in length, give or take.
I welcome book excerpts as long as the excerpt is 400 words in length or less.
Please include any links (author website, blog, twitter, facebook) you would like
to include in the promo post. Feel free to include an author bio and author picture.

      If a book is given a rating less than 3 Stars, Literary Lust reserves the right
to decline any promotional posts related to said book 
(i.e. author guest post, giveaways, virtual book tour, etc.).


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